The Vanguard Phase 3 Owners Club

Dedicated to the preservation of the Standard Vanguard Phase 3 and its derivatives. 1955 to 1963.

The sole objective of the club is to try and purchase or remanufacture parts to keep these cars on the road and to promote these undervalued and largely unloved cars in the Classic Car scene.

This Site is still in the process of being built.

Please bookmark this site as it will get bigger and better.

The next release of this site will have information on Engines, Estate Cars, Events Listing and Sales and Wants.

If you have any comments to make about this site, or you have cars or parts for sale, or a Vanguard related web site then please e-mail us here


Anders Ditlev Clausager of the BMIHT for commission numbers.
Martin Holstead for help with text.

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