In August 1956 the Sportsman version of the Phase 3 became available. Identifiable by its almost MG type grille, bonnet motif and wrap round bumpers. The engine was basically a detuned TR3 engine producing  90 BHP. Overdrive was Standard but coupled to a three speed gearbox although a four speed became an optional extra later on.

The car was not a great selling success for Standard and was officially dropped from lists around March 1958. No Estate version was ever officially listed.

However the story does not end there….. Standard still produced Sportsmans to special order for the home and export markets until 1960 ! Intriguingly, Standard also built Sportsman Estates from the outset, to special order, until 1960.

Total Numbers of Sportsmans built is approximately 962. This figure includes both Saloons and Estates. The total figure for Estates is not known but we do know that between 1959 and 60     
Standard produced 28.

Commission Numbers.

TDD 1 to 903 and TDD 1001 to 1059

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